About Ushoot

Based in Montréal, USHOOT exposes individuals to the exclusive world of indoor recreational air gun shooting. We offer both the sale of products and services related to this Sport.

Air gun shooting is a recognized Sport since 1970 and USHOOT’s primary goal is to meet the ideal of sportsmanship, competition, and a healthy mind and body.

Please note that we do not promote firearms nor ammunition and we do not carry any firearms in store.

The Practice of the Sport:

USHOOT greets all individuals and shows them a good time by letting them experience this sport with a wide range of air guns and riffles in a safe setting.

Our Sport Center is completely dissociated from firearms and primarily focuses on the practice of a safe and healthy sport. USHOOT’s staff will make you discover the positive benefits of this sport on the mind and body.

Our staff greets all individuals and shows them the proper techniques to have fun while practicing the sport of air gun shooting. Every session includes a training session as well as safety guideline instructions. Therefore, you do not need to worry about not knowing how to use air guns prior to your experience at USHOOT!

USHOOT’s creative team designed shooting zones with interactive targets and goals that guarantee never-ending entertainment.

Our Products:

UHSOOT only delivers the highest quality air guns, pellets, targets and accessories to our customers in order to create a safe and fun environment.

Our experts offer a wide variety of air gun brands to choose from in order to let our clients pick what suits them best!

* Please note that our inventory is growing and there are more products in store*

Our professional staff members offer air gun usage training as well as security guidelines to combine pleasure with a safe environment.

Basically, no matter your experience with air guns, our experts will dedicate their time to prepare you to feel confident and secure as you try our this Sport! USHOOT has created zones that are suitable for all levels of expertise, including children!

Our products are listed on this website, please contact us to inquire about availability in store.

For any further questions or business inquiries, please further explore our website or call us at 438-387-4757.

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